Janet Hammer

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  1. You Don't Know What Love Is  (6:06)
  2. Early Autumn (feat. Eric Marienthal) (5:39)
  3. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (feat. Janet Hammer) (3:27)
  4. When the Lady Dances (feat. Bob Mintzer)  (8:19)
  5. Oleo   (4:53)
  6. Nature Boy (feat. Janet Hammer and Holly Hofmann )  (6:31)
  7. Manhattan Burn (9:15)
  8. ​Over the Rainbow (2:57)
  9. ​​Mountain Dance (5:52)
  10. ​Ya Turn Me on Baby (feat. Janet Hammer) (4:30)
  11. ​​Recon (feat. Dean Brown) (8:42)


Tasty Tunes

Big Band Jazz Machine 

  • You Don't Know What Love Is0:30
  • Early Autumn (Featuring Eric Marienthal)0:30
  • I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Featuring Janet Hammer)0:27
  • When the Lady Dances (Featuring Bob Mintzer)0:30
  • Oleo0:31
  • Nature Boy (Featuring Janet Hammer, Holly Hofmann)0:34
  • Manhattan Burn0:41
  • Over the Rainbow0:36
  • Mountain Dance0:30
  • Ya Turn Me on Baby (Featuring Janet Hammer)0:40
  • Recon (Featuring Dean Brown)0:37

"Ira Liss is one of those special folks who keeps the big band idiom alive and moving forward.  It is no easy feat to sustain a big band and create a forum for the music.  I truly enjoy working with Ira and his band, and am honored to have the band record one of my compositions." 

- Bob Mintzer

Featuring: Bob Mintzer, Eric Marienthal, Holly Hofmann, Dean Brown

Saxophones: Christopher Hollyday, Richard McGuane, Tyler Richardson, David Castel De Oro, Joel Ginsberg, Ross Rizzo Jr. 

Trumpets: Randy Aviles, Mark Nicholson, Peter Green, Collin Reichow, Carlos Roldan

Trombones: Gary Bucher, David Barnard, David Murray, Tim Hall

Piano: Steve Sibley

Bass: Lance Jeppesen

Guitar: Alex Ciavarelli

Drums: Charlie McGhee

Percussion: Mark Lamson

Vocals: Janet Hammer